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"My son was struggling with several challenges, including bullying at school, a low self esteem, divorce and a blended family, health challenges and the death of a loved one.  As a mom, I wanted a counselor who would help my son, but also help the rest of our family to understand what we could do to support him during the rest of the week.  We had seen three other counselors before we met Julie, and I was always frustrated as the one on one sessions did little to help the rest of us.  When we began seeing Julie, it was weekly, and now we see her every three weeks.  Julie has worked with us individually and collectively.  Our entire family dynamic has improved, as has my son’s well being.  She is very effective at helping him incorporate coping tools into life’s situations that have increased his confidence and success with friends and family.  She has helped the rest of us understand our part, including child development, what is normal for his age, and how it all works together.  We, as a family have developed stronger boundaries, healthier communication styles and routines that have benefited us all.  I strongly recommend Julie and appreciate her flexibility in understanding what the individual and family wants to achieve, and supporting us in achieving that goal."  

"I  started to see Julie a few months after I exposed to my husband that I had an affair years ago. The shame and guilt had overtaken my life and I wanted out.  Finding Julie was a God send because she has helped me in the last year really start to see my problems and depression head on. For so long I would handle things on my own by stuffing or keeping busy which only led to me feeling more depressed especially when my life would slow down and all I had left was feelings and not chaos.  I am now starting to see a positive change in my thinking and feelings throughout my day to day life which is giving me a new sense of who I am as a wife and as a human being. Although I am not done and have more to overcome I know that with Julie's help I am on my way out of depression and on to a better understanding of who I am and forgiving myself."

"Finding Julie and performing the work she has recommended for me has been life-changing and rewarding; not only for myself but also for my marriage. When I was looking for a counselor I was looking for some one who was not biased towards myself or my husband. I feel we found the perfect counselor who is able to relate to the both of us and help us individually and as a couple. After only six months of working with her I can gladly say I am at peace with myself which contributes to being happy in all of the roles in my life including woman, mother, wife and friend. My marriage is better than it has ever been and I am confident that I can handle whatever is thrown my way with the life skills and perspectives Julie has taught both me and my husband."

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  ....I can gladly say I am now at peace with myself which contributes to being happy in all of the roles in my life...