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Upcoming Seminars:  
         Intimacy and Communication: for Couples
In this workshop, couples will learn the basics for restoring emotional intimacy.  This is a 6 hour workshop designed to 1) identify the underlying cause of communication challenges and loss of emotional intimacy, and 2) learn and begin to implement a new healthy format for communication.  

Healing Trauma Workshop:
This is a 3-day Experiential Workshop designed for individuals who would benefit from intensive trauma and grief work.  Depression, anxiety and addiction often have their roots in trauma.  The workshop format will be a combination of lecture, individual and group exercises and will be limited to 4 participants.  We will focus on addressing:
- feelings of being inherently different or "worthless"
-negative beliefs about yourself and the world around you that keep you from reaching your full potential and that disrupt your relationships.  
-why you're feeling "stuck" in the past
-Depression and anxiety that won't subside
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Anthem, AZ  85086

Daytime and Evening appointments available by appointment only.
Phone: (602) 791-0894

For registration and / or additional information, please call: (602) 791-0894
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